Commercial Security Installation

Commercial Security Installation, When it comes to experience, reliability, and customer service, no other company can match the level that Northeast Remote Surveillance provides to its clients. We’re not a national company with disconnected out-of-state operations and support, or a telecom conglomerate shoehorning another service into your “bundle” with untrained and unlicensed technicians. We are locally owned and operated, and our first priority is always delivering top-tier quality and certified expertise to our customers. Best of all, our infrastructure and technology allow us to offer our industry leading service at the industry’s lowest rate. You can sleep well each night knowing your home or business is protected by our professionals, without having nightmares over the cost. We now provide service in Philadelphia PA and surrounding NE Cities

As cities and towns expand, security in common areas like parks and downtown’s becomes more and more important. A constant stream of consumers and visitors are vital for the success of restaurants and local businesses, and video surveillance is a great security tool to keep consumers safe and towns thriving. Already in widespread use in Britain, more and more cities and local governments in the US and Canada are beginning to install surveillance cameras in public areas. One unexpected benefit of surveillance cameras in public places is improved relationships between businesses and local governments.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a  Surveillance System

Every town is different, and no two areas will have the exact same security needs. Consider the following when choosing and installing your security system to ensure the right fit:

  • Are there areas of your town or city that you think would benefit from public surveillance cameras?
  • Have you had any issues with public gatherings in the past year? If so, where?
  • Where do you think surveillance cameras would be most beneficial?