Industrial Security Installation

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm serves Philadelphia PA with  state-of-the-art commercial security solutions protect your business from break-ins and theft. A quality commercial alarm system gives you peace of mind, knowing that security is our business even when you’re closed.

Did someone access the inventory room after hours? Was that a false alarm or a real one? Was the alarm turned on tonight? With real-time notifications, remote control and auto-arming, you’ll know what’s happening at your business, and know it’s secure, no matter where you are.

Commercial security systems encompass a range of standalone or integrated configurations that perform one or more of these functions:

  • premises access control
  • video surveillance
  • fire, heat, water, and/or entry alarms
  • energy management of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), control lighting, and power-on and -off and designated equipment
  • remote status alerts and management

The individual system or product package that performs these functions is sized according to the number of sensors required to control and monitor key points. If your sensor needs to exceed a given package’s capacity, you must either move up to a higher-capacity, a higher-priced package, combine smaller packages, or reevaluate the number of sensors that are critical to protect your business assets.

There are a number of large, national alarm and security companies, as well as local and regional vendors that are either manufacturer reps or distributors carrying a single product line exclusively. Some offer systems from multiple manufacturers. Licensed vendors typically are thoroughly trained by the manufacturer(s) of the products they carry. This not only ensures the vendors are qualified to install and maintain the products, it also instills confidence that they can provide a professional level of service and are likely to remain in business for as long as their products are in use.

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